CHART is a hypothetical system created for the Multimedia Experience course taught by Emmy Rice at the Kansas City Art Institute. This project was done in collaboration with Morgan Stockton and Brittany Huff.


Description for hypothetical post in App Store:
Leading healthcare innovation, CHART is connecting healthcare and reshaping tomorrow. Putting your health in your pocket, easily access your records and connect with your doctors. Share medical information with all of your doctors and keep track of your own health. Keep an eye on your families growth and view all important family history data that affects your own health. Easily update billing and insurance info straight from your pocket. Order medications, get reminders and updates for appointments and medications that syncs directly with your calendar. Customizable, change your interface depending on your specific health needs, from the fit, health conscious person that needs to track their diet, to anyone with a lifelong ailment that needs to be monitored daily. Compatible with the most recent technology, enter your health information effortlessly by setting up the app to automatically sync with any wearable or fitness app already installed. Use iCloud to keep all of your information securely stored with an eye scan log in, but easily accessed 24/7. Available across multiple Mac computers, iPhone and iPad put your health on the cloud and in your pocket. Download in the App Store now!